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THE FIVE VENOMS - "THE COMPLETE SET" -Click on TEXT for more info-

Item Name THE FIVE VENOMS - "THE COMPLETE SET" 11x17" Prints
Price $74.99
Each print measures 11x17”
By Robert "Kung Fu Bob" O'Brien
August 2007-November 2008

Here's a money-saving way to own THE FIVE VENOMS - "THE COMPLETE SET". Get the whole 7 piece art print set (Centipede, Lizard, Scorpion, Snake, Toad, 6th Student) all for one great price. The prints are selling for $14.99 each x 6= $89.94. Now you can get the whole set include the 6th student "variant" as a free, 7th print for only $74.99! This saves you $29.94 compared to buying all 7 prints separately!

The original art was accomplished with pencil, ink, marker, and acrylic paints.

This artwork has been professionally reproduced as vibrant 11x17" prints on glossy 12 pt. light card-stock paper. 
Available Stock 10
Print Size 11x17"
Shipping All prints will be hand signed and shipped rolled, in a super heavy-duty, protective cardboard tube. Shipping (and packing) within USA is $8.50 for Priority Mail International Shipping (and packing) to outside of the USA, $8.50 for 1st Class Air Mail.


Leung Tsan said...

I just received this venoms complete set yesterday.... and wow, watching these prints makes me feel really good.... I mean the quality, the details, the colors, the way it is painted oooowwww snap !!!! you can feel all the work, soul, and dedication Bob put in his art......
It is just so unique, that in my opinion EVERY kung fu movies fan should own each piece of the venoms..... that said, I already ordered the big Hwang Jang Lee piece that should be of same quality...... now that I have these venoms prints makes me understand I need to order the 8 diagram one, the Chen Kuan-Tai one and the Lo Meng invincible shaolin.....
Anyway, as a true Kung Fu movies collector and fan, these are just some MUST-HAVE items no doubt !!

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