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mondo_curry said...

Hey Kung Fu Bob! It's me Dave/Mondocurry -- we had some pizza after the SPL screening. Was just lookin' at Pat's photos from Wu Xia screening and admiring the Donnie Yen poster. If that was done on short notice that's pretty amazing! Love the purple background with the almost repeating but slightly changing figures spiraling around.

Looking around the posters, I love the hands in motion you show on The Centipede. And i'm figuring out wall space for that Surreal Miike print right now! 'Love the neon Visitor Q katakana sign and the Gozu tattoo!

Was great meeting you at NYAFF. keep up the amazing work and keep in touch!

kngfu said...

Kung Fu Bob's work is some of the best work I have ever seen. His paintings have the feel of a good kung fu movie, bold, dynamic, and full of life. I look forward to each and every new piece he puts out.

Vacant Home Insurance said...

I have placed 4 orders with Bob since 2010 and all orders received in just a few days. His posters line my "video room" in the basement! Matt, Malvern, PA Owner

Rmx said...

Do you Sell Original? I would like to own the TAKASHI MIIKE - "A SURREAL PORTRAIT" Very Cool!

I like your style man!

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