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CHUNG CHANG-HWA “MOVIE MASTER" 24x36” POSTER -Click on TEXT for more info-

CHUNG CHANG-HWA “Movie Master"
24x36” poster print
Price $74.99
Description CHUNG CHANG-HWA “Movie Master"
24x36” poster print
By Robert "Kung Fu Bob" O'Brien
June, 2012

This is a hand drawn piece of art that I created as a tribute to film director Chung Chang-Hwa. This talented man was at the helm of some of Shaw Brothers and Golden Harvest studio’s greatest  martial arts classics. A few of the beloved Asian action films he is responsible for are FIVE FINGERS OF DEATH “aka. KING BOXER”, BROKEN OATH, SIX ASSASSINS, THE SKYHAWK, HEADS FOR SALE, THE SWIFT KNIGHT, and TEMPTRESS OF A 1,000 FACES. The painting was created for the New York Asian Film Festival as part of a lifetime achievement award they presented to him at the festival on June 30th, 2012.

The original art was accomplished with paint, ink, and airbrush techniques via a Wacom Bamboo tablet.

This artwork has been professionally reproduced as vibrant 24x36" prints on semi-gloss, heavy-duty poster paper. 

Note: I attended the festival when this was presented to Director Chung and he was extremely gracious. A real gentleman.
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Print Size 24x36" Poster Size
Shipping All prints will be hand signed by the artist and shipped rolled, in a super heavy-duty, protective cardboard tube. Shipping (and packing) within USA is $10.50 for Priority Mail International Shipping (and packing) to outside of the USA, $10.50 for 1st Class Air Mail. $0.50 shipping fee per each additional print to be shipped. If you purchase 5 or more prints you get FREE SHIPPING.


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