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HWANG JANG-LEE- "THUNDER KICKS OF THE SILVER FOX" 24x36" Limited Edition Poster -Click on TEXT for more info-

Item Name Hwang Jang Lee - "Thunder Kicks of the Silver Fox" 24x36"
Limited Edition Poster
Price $74.99
Description Hwang Jang Lee - "Thunder Kicks of the Silver Fox"
Limited Edition Poster- 75 Prints
By Robert "Kung Fu Bob" O'Brien
April, 2011

This is an original hand-drawn piece of art that I did as a tribute to master kicker, martial arts actor extraordinaire Hwang Jang-Lee (aka. Wong Ching-Lee, Huang Cheng-Li, Huong Cheng-Li, Wong Ching-Lei, Wang Chang-Li, Wong Cheng-Lee, Wang Cheng-Li, Wang Jang-Li , Wang Jang-Lee ). Hwang has played an amazing assortment of unforgettable villains (and occasionally heroes) throughout the kung fu films of the ‘70s and ‘80s. He dazzled us in the genre classics DRUNKEN MASTER, HITMAN IN THE HAND OF BUDDHA, SNAKE IN THE EAGLE’S SHADOW, INVINCIBLE ARMOR, and many more. It doesn’t matter which name you best know him by: “Thunderleg”, “Rubber Legs”, “Ghost Hand Lo Hsin”, “Kam, Invincible Golden Rings”, the wizard that fought using a cannonball as a weapon at the end of NINJA IN THE DRAGON’S DEN, or as the “Silver Fox” himself! If you’ve EVER seen him in a movie… he was definitely blowing your mind with his jaw-dropping (and jaw-smashing) legwork as he kicked the stuffing out of whomever he was facing.

The original art was accomplished with a Bamboo Wacom tablet. I only used a few select tools- various paintbrushes, smudge tool, and a little airbrushing. This amazing tool (which is new to me) has allowed me to draw, correct, erase, redraw et. without limit. That means that I was able to keep at every detail until I was satisfied without worrying about destroying the paper or canvas! Absolutely freeing! I put in about a hundred hours on this piece, and so far it's the piece of art that I am happiest with of everything I've ever created.

This artwork has been professionally reproduced as vibrant 24x36" prints on semi-gloss, heavy-duty poster paper. 
Available Stock 50/75
Print Size 24x36" Poster Print
Shipping All prints will be hand signed and numbered by the artist,  and shipped rolled, in a super heavy-duty, protective cardboard tube. Shipping (and packing) within USA is $10.50 for Priority Mail International Shipping (and packing) to outside of the USA, $10.50 for 1st Class Air Mail. $0.50 shipping fee per each additional print to be shipped. If you purchase 5 or more prints you get FREE SHIPPING.


FuSubs said...

Recently ordered these along with the Donnie Yen prints. The artwork is simply mind-blowing! Looks even better in real life than on the blog. Bob's a great guy to deal with, really easy transaction. So glad I found this blog.

wigsplitta said...

This poster really is awesome. Purchased it when it first came out, stuck it in a frame, sat back and enjoyed! :-D

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